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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

When we meet someone for the very first time, we look at their face and draw instant conclusions about their smiles. Your smile says a lot about you. A beautiful smile exudes energy, shows affection, reveals charisma, brightens your entire face and can make you seem more attractive. Clearly, a dazzling, confident smile is a tremendous asset in every part of our life.

As an aesthetic dentist, Dr. Falkin can dramatically alter your smile through the use of cosmetic dental procedures giving you an edge personally and professionally. To improve your appearance and boost your confidence Dr. Falkin can custom tailor a treatment plan just for you. Whether you need a single procedure or a combination of treatments she has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to artistically create the smile of your dreams. If you ever felt self-conscious about your smile, take a look at how cosmetic dentistry can improve your life.

Through the use of advanced cosmetic dental techniques teeth can be whitened and brightened, straightened without braces, restored where damaged by being broken, worn, chipped, or decayed. Gaps can be closed where there are spaces. Stains can be masked. Missing teeth can be replaced. Plus you can look younger since cosmetic dental procedures can provide added support that makes your lips fuller and tends to diminish the lines on your face. If this sounds like magic, wait until you see the final results, which can be even more amazing.

Dr. Falkin can achieve remarkable changes in your appearance by using procedures such as teeth whitening, reshaping, application of porcelain veneers, bonding, cosmetic crowns, gingival recontouring, and restoration of missing teeth. Beautiful smiles are no longer reserved for movie stars. Cosmetic dentistry can enhance the appearance of men and women of all ages. Many of our patients are often amazed at how young they look after completing cosmetic dental work.

If desired, even facial contour can be improved. Some of the problems that can be corrected are a face that looks flat; lips that droop down at the corners; a face that appears flaccid; a thin upper lip; deep lines alongside the mouth; and the lack of support of the lower lip. Even your cheekbones can be made to look more prominent by an expert cosmetic dentist like Dr. Falkin.

As your dentist, the effect I seek to achieve is beauty that is natural-looking yet exquisite. That is why one of my favorite means of effecting changes is applying porcelain veneers. Porcelain can mask the discoloration and wear. It looks beautiful, translucent, and natural.

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