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Restorative Procedures


Sometimes a filling is just not strong enough to repair an extensively damaged or broken down tooth. A crown will repair and strengthen the tooth by covering it completely all the way to the gumline. Dr. Falkin will always recommend the most conservative treatment option available to help patients stengthen and preserve as much of their natural tooth structure as possible. A crown allows us to do just that. The crown, also known as the cap or a porcelain jacket will add strength and renewed health to your tooth by restoring its proper shape and size and improving the appearance by repairing any cosmetic flaws. Crowns can also be used as part of a bridge or as single tooth replacement over a dental implant or to protect a brittle tooth from fracturing after root canal therapy. To be fitted for a crown will require two offfice visits. On the first visit, we will remove any decay, shape the tooth, take a mold, and fit it with a temporary. Once the custom crown is complete, you will return to our office for the final cementation. Crowns can be made from a variety of different materials that include gold, porcelain bonded to metal, or the cosmetically pleasing all porcelain option. Each of the above mentioned crowns has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and therefore some are better suited for certain situations. For the superior cosmetic results you deserve all our ceramic restorations have no metal understructure and are thus able to transmit the color of adjacent teeth for a natural appearance. This allows them to blend in more fully to the surrounding natural teeth. In addition to mimicking the look and luster of natural teeth, these restorations are stronger than ever before. Our metal free crowns are made of lithium disilicate material that is 4 times stronger than regular porcelain. They are more cosmetic and can be better matched to the exact color of your teeth and are often used in the front. The Zircona metal free crowns are 10 times stronger than traditional porcelain and are often the restoration of choice for the back teeth. The longevity of a crown can range from 5-8 years. Longevity depends on the amount of wear the crown is exposed to from activities such as day to day chewing, teeth grinding, or possible trauma. It is also greatly affected by how well you keep the teeth clean and free of plaque; a crown could last indefinitely. Creating an esthetically pleasing crown requires a combination art and science. Combining Dr. Falkin's attention to detail with your personal preferences for desired tooth color, shape, and size will ensure a beautiful and long lasting result.

Dental Implants Restoration

Restoring your smile with implants has its advantages. Implants are permanent and secure replacements for missing teeth. They can replace a single tooth, or as many teeth as your case needs. Implants are long lasting and natural looking. Just like the components of a natural tooth, a dental implant consists of a smal metal post, similar to the root of a tooth, and the restoration on top, similar to the clinical crown seen above the gumline. The implant post is typically made of titanium, a strong and safe material that will osteointegrate and bond to the bone. Once you have healed and the implant has bonded into the bone, it can improve the health of your jaws by preventing bone deterioration which occurs when a tooth is missing and by preventing other teeth in your mouth from shifting around. There is nothing compared to the real thing, but an implant comes closest to nature. You wil be able to chew better. Easier chewing means better nurition for your body and your overall health. Dr. Falkin will perform a comprehensive exam including radiographs and health history to determine your needs and discuss the risks and benefits of implant placement for your specific case. After a minor surgical procedure an implant will be placed by a periodontist or an oral surgeon, it will then need to heal for 3-6 months. Once it has healed an abutment will be attached to your implant. Dr. Falkin will make a custom crown or another prosthetic that will look and function naturally just like the original tooth. When multiple teeth are missing partials and dentures can also be attached permanently to implants.

To find out more on how implants can restore your smile and increase your confidence, call us today. We are always happy to answear any questions that you may have.


A fixed bridge can be an excellent way to permanently replace one or more teeth that are missing in a row. A bridge is basically a group of crowns that are interconnected. The bridge has a middle section called the pontic, which is the replacement prosthetic of the missing tooth. The pontic is then attached to two crowns on either side to form the prostheic bridge. The bridge is usually cemented or bonded in place as a single prosthetic replacement. The bridge prevents your teeth from moving and restores the function and shape of your missing teeth. A bridge is a less time consuming and a nonsurgical option compared to an implant. If you desire an option that can be completed in 2 weeks then a bridge may be the best choice for tooth replacement dependent on your needs.


If you have multiple missing teeth Dr. Falkin may reccommend a complete denture. A full denture is a prosthesis that will replace all the missing teeth in an arch. Many of our patients find that dentures provide them with a natural, healthy, and appealing smile. Conventional full dentures are removable and should be soaked in denture cleaner at night while you sleep. Proper care will help to increase the longevity of your denture. It will take several appointments to be properly fitted for a denture that is comfortable and well fitted. These appointments are typically spread out over the course of several weeks for optimal quality and success of your treatment result.


When you have several missing teeth needing to be replaced we may recommend a removable partial denture. Tradidional partial dentures are rigid and are made of metal and acrylic. They have clasps that attach to your natural teeth to hold the partial in place. Cosmetic partials are flexible and metal free made of thermoplastic nylon. They tend to blend in more naturally with your teeth and gums. They are also stronger by 65% and are more biocompatible for people with allergies to acrylic or metal materials.

White Fillings

We only use natural looking composite tooth colored fillings that are mercury free in our office. The silver amalgam fillings by contrast require more removal of tooth structure. When we use composite to fill your tooth we can be more conservative. Your tooth will be stronger because less tooth reduction is required. Also, composite fillings are better since they are sealed and retained by being bonded in place.

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